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LFC of Maryland in it's ongoing attempt to assist, aid and abet the African American Researcher/Historian in their never ending quest for information and documentation. Has created and maintains this page of Funeral Programs from across the country. Funeral Programs are very different from most Newspaper obituaries which give the Researcher/Historian very minimal albeit useful information. Funeral Programs are mini Genealogies.

Funeral Programs are not always 100% accurate.It really depends on the informant much like a death certificate. However they offer the Researcher/Historian a jumping off point so to speak.

Funeral Programs will often list the names of Parents long deceased. I have run across programs that list deceased spouses, siblings and children.

Funeral Programs will often tell you where the deceased was born.

Funeral Programs are more often than not compiled by a Family member or at the very least a close Family friend.

Funeral Programs are fairly new. The oldest I have run across thus far is from 1963. There are many benefits to Funeral Programs as well as their being a rich source of data. In about 50% of the Programs in Our collection there is a photographic image of the deceased. This is often a bonus! Especially for Family members you have not previously met. I encourage the use of images in my Family when putting together a Funeral Program.

Funeral Programs are becoming more and more informative.There is no universal format, however there are a few givens when it comes to constructing a Funeral Program.We would like to offer at this time the very basic's to include though most Funeral Programs have much more detail .

DATE of BIRTH (sometimes referred to as Sunrise or Alpha)

DATE of DEATH (sometimes referred to as Sunset or Omega)



DATE, TIME, and PLACE of FUNERAL Service (though this may seem inane as most Funeral Programs are handed out at the Funeral Service. )

Was the deceased married? When, Where, and to Whom?

Was the deceased a Parent? If so to Whom?

Who were the Parents of the deceased?

Did the deceased have siblings? Who were/are they?

There is oft times a reference to the persons life's work or career. Special Family friends are mentioned. Poems, Prayers or other Personal tributes from Family and Friends are often included. Church affiliations as well as Veterans status along with any Hobbies gives a glimpse into the everyday life of the deceased. This is simply for your information. When death comes many times the Family and Close friends are in an emotional upheaval. This list might serve as a reminder at these times. I have come across programs where very basic information is overlooked or inadvertently omitted. Grieving people do not always think straight and are not able to remember things they may know as well as their own names. More and more Families are opting to do their own version of the Funeral Program versus the generic Funeral Home generated program. Family created Funeral Programs are much more unique and personal. More often than not they are a fraction of the cost of the Funeral Home programs. With the age of computers it is getting easier each day to create a memorable Funeral Program for a loved one at home.

Rules For Submission

Must have in your Possession

Be willing to share for Copy & Postage Costs ONLY

Here's hoping you find a common ancestor !!!

In the past LFC has accepted lists of Funeral Programs and posted the names on our page as a courtesy. There have been a few problems so we must change the way we do things . We will post the names sent to us to the list but we ask you to snail mail copies to LFC . We ask this because several of our submitters have changed e mails and such thus we have no way of contacting them in case a researcher/historian wanted a copy of a program they have submitted. LFC is collecting these programs to share with our fellow researchers. If you would like to contribute your programs please e mail us at either. LFC_of_Maryland or at VVaughn

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